Bitcoin 2020: How to register and deposit rands at Luno Exchange South Africa

Greeting to you all for my first post in 2020!

How to register and deposit rands at Luno Exchange South Africa

Step 1: Click on the link below:

1. Sign up link for Luno South Africa
2. Deposit ZAR 500
3. We both get ZAR 25.00 free BTC

You can watch the video tutorial on My Youtube channel

My Youtube channel


Pay by EFT: add LUNO as a beneficiary


Email from LUNO to confirm my deposit
Bought Bitcoin on 11 March 2020

Be Your Own Boss

Long time no see/ no write?

So to catch up, I am staying in Cape Town, still. I now have 2 children. And I am pushing my own business. No, I did not own PEC, which I had blogged about, I was just a mere member. You should be searching for Mr. Moffat? I still believe in crypto currencies!

To get the background info on my own venture, you are welcome to check out my page on Chebe Hair Care

Vuyokazi in 2015 I am aiming for this hair texture!

This picture was in 2015 and I am aiming for this hair texture again.  Currently, my hair is soft because I had been using blow out relaxer from mid 2018, until end 2018. On the 31st December 2018  I began using Chebe Powder on my hair.

Here is a link to my YouTube Channel to follow my Chebe Hair Journey Click to view my Youtube channel and see my results


These are the products I use, it is original Chebe powder and fortifying hair oil.

Here are the benefits of Chebe Hair Care Products:

  • Reclaim your natural hair line
  • Add moisture to your hair
  • Retain hair length
  • Reduce hair breakage

If you want to use the products on your hair and to buy them to resell, you may contact me directly on whatsapp: 0814521037 (country code +27)

Buy at stock price and resell products that will be useful in the long term!

Thank you♥

Bitcoin: Your future!

Bitcoins are a crypto currency that is used to pay for goods and services with some affiliated retailers. You may also use it with whomever accepts payment in bitcoins, not just with retailers only. For example if you are in another country and you wish to send some money to your family in your home country, you may send bitcoins. That way you eliminate the high bank charges. There are also a few programs that accept bitcoins when you are making an investment.

Bitcoins have been in existence since January 2009, not even a decade yet. The first transaction using Bitcoin was in May 2010.

Bitcoin is decentralised, therefore there are no banks involved, making the fees very low. Anyone, anywhere around the world who has internet access may use Bitcoin as currency. In the beginning, they did not hold much value as it was mainly techno geeks who were using them and trading them between each other.

Historical price of Bitcoin quoted from

Date Price
February 2011 $1
30th November 2013 $1124.763
08 April 2016 $422.71
17 July 2016 $678.80


To buy Bitcoins in S.A we have local traders, and I have used AltCoinTrader happily. Please click this link here to watch the short vid I made on this topic, Youtube

Register your details on Altcointrader
Register your details on Altcointrader

Some of the investment programs where you can invest your Bitcoin include: MMM, Coince and BitStrategy just to name but a few.

Program name Earning   Referral bonus
Coince 3% daily for 60 days Yes
BitStrategy 6% daily for 25 days 10% for 7 days Yes

BitStrategy link & Coince link

Check it out, and research first to gain more info. Bitcoin is like gold, rare and valuable. Invest in Bitcoin, invest in the future!





Network marketing

Definition: A business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually such businesses are also multilevel marketing in nature in that payouts occur at more than one level.

Network marketing IS a business, a business that needs people for growth and a business from which you may realise multi-income streams.

J Rohn
J Rohn

WOW. My mom used to be in this network marketing, with a company that sold health products (Swiss Garde). I remember her buying products and recruiting people to join the network.

I also remember being recruited around 2009 to join IFA, but I did not. What if I had joined then, it would be 7 years or so of residual income.

brian tracy
brian tracy

I was at a Pro Elite Community (Pec) presentation yesterday, it is always motivating to hang out with purpose driven people.

Our M.C for the day herself has made a million from network marketing and stokvels. She was telling us that she had put away R60 000 in 2011 at a bank, and had received R2 200 interest on that money in 2016, 5 years later. Very underwhelming growth. She contrasted this to the amount of growth she would have received had she invested it on a network stokvel.

The first network stokvel I joined was MMM-RSA where you earn 30% growth, it is peer to peer: meaning that members of the community provide financial help and get help from each other. Had you invest an amount of R50 000 with MMM community, you would have earned R65 000. Click to join

The next network I joined was PipCoin in February 2016, with them you earn 35% growth.  Had you invest an amount of R50 000 with PipCoin you would have earned R67 500.

There are many stokvels popping up in South Africa, and yes it’s possible to lose money with some. So it’s best to tread with caution on some of them.

A new network on the block is Pro Elite Community, it is a few months only in the country, and it is hot! What makes it so hot?

It is different because the stokvel has partnered with a FSB registered service provider: Imogo. When you join with your R1300, you also get an Imogo card and a wallet where your earning will be deposited into, and you may use your card to withdraw and swipe. No bank account required.

Pro Elite Community is a 3 in 1 network: there is networking, a grocery stokvel, and the investment side within this business.

Another network worth a mention is BitStrategy, which also uses Bitcoin. They have a 25 day plan where you earn 6% growth daily for 25 days.

bill gates
bill gates

Let us make 2016 the year for multiple income streams!





The hidden secret of money

The hidden secret of money

Do me a favour, please.
Watch this video that was shared with me a while back, it is a must see. It’s “the hidden secret of money” series by Michael Maloney. This video shares how the current monetary system is indeed a pyramid scheme. You will discover how the modern banking system creates currency.
For me the most interesting part is when they show us what really happens we go make a deposit at the bank. Let’s say for example you have a R100 to deposit. When you deposit your R100, it is not kept in an account for you. It is legal for the bank to do as they please with the currency you deposited to them, the can use it in the markets or offer loans with it at a profit- which they will keep for themselves.

hidden secrets of money
Look up this term: Fractional Reserve Landing- the banks are allowed to reserve a fraction of your deposit and loan the rest out. The reserve ratios values vary, e.g. they may reserve 10% of your deposit or even less than that.
For example: you have a R100 to deposit, the bank may keep 10% as fractional reserve (R10), and they loan out the rest (R90). The fraction of money they reserve is called vault cash. On your statement R100 will still show, as the bank have placed bank credits to replace the money they took out from your deposit and loaned it out to another customer. Bank credits are just numbers typed into a computer in the bank.

hidden secrets of money 02
So the customer who makes a loan from the bank will get the money (R90) to buy a car/house and will pay the seller, the seller will deposit the money in their bank account and the bank loans out 90% of that to their customers. Bank credit will replace the money deposited, and the process will keep repeating, leading to a rise in currency supply.
When there is a rise in currency supply the price of goods increases as well. By forcing more currency into circulation we decrease purchasing power. And we have to work for this currency supply…


hiden secrets of money 03hidden secrets 04
Currency supply is nothing but a supply of numbers, some of them printed, some of them typed.

hidden secrets 05
True wealth is your TIME. We trade this time hour by hour, day by day, every year for numbers typed in a computer or numbers printed on a paper. We, the people, are what give currency its value. We work so we can save some of that currency and pay taxes on these numbers typed on a computer.

hidden secrets 06
The current monetary system relies on the public being ignorant of how it works. An informed public has the power to create a system that will not only benefit a few, but one that will benefit more people. The current system is built in such a way that it enriches a few at the expense of many.


Using Bitcoins in South Africa

Bitcoins are a crypto currency that is used to pay for goods and services with some affiliated retailers. You may also use it with whomever accepts payment in bitcoins, not just with retailers only.

Bitcoins have been inexistence since around since 2009. Just 2009, not even a decade yet. In the beginning, they did not hold much value as it was mainly techno geeks who were using them and trading them between each other.

Since then, the price of Bitcoin has been on the rise; in February 2011 the price of 1 Bitcoin was $1.

From October 2013 $150–$200 in November, rising to $400, then $600, eventually reaching $900 on 11/19/2013 and breaking $1000 threshold on 27 November 2013.

Today (08 April 2016) the price of 1 Bitcoin is $422.71, price quoted from Locally (South Africa) the price is R7057.89, price quoted from Take into consideration the Rand/Dollar exchange rate.

To buy Bitcoins in S.A we have local traders, and I have used AltCoinTrader happily. You register your details on their website. You need to verify and activate your bitcoin trading account by clicking the link they sent to your email address. Once you are registered you are good to go.

They will allocate you with your personal bitcoin wallet, where you may receive funds, and send funds from. They have made it so easy, that you may deposit funds into their Absa/FNB bank account- using your personal reference number, so that your deposit will be allocated directly into your Bitcoin wallet. When you wish to withdraw funds from your wallet, you may enter your bank details on the system, and they will be converted into your country’s currency.

Be aware  that there are fees charged for depositing as well as for withdrawing funds. All the fees asre available on their website, just login and have a look for yourself.

Remember, you cannot touch bitcoins, they are not tangible coins/notes- they are a digital currency which can be traded securely online. There are some ATMs available in some parts of the world where you may use an ATM to withdraw bitcoins converted into cash.


Welcome to the world of crypto currency!

Ask Frank for financial advice

Hey readers, below is an email I received requesting financial advice. I posed the question to Frank Magwegwe who gave these pearls of wisdom.

Hi Vuyokazi.

My name is Gilbert.

I would like to know more about the investment portfolios that one could try a hand on for a start.

Kindly advice as to how I can jump into the moving wagon. I would like to honestly state that I have had bad experience of pyramid schemes in the past and I do not want to fall victim of circumstances again. Advice Vuyo.







Dear Gilbert

Vuyo, an industry colleague has asked me to respond to your request for advice.


Firstly, I am sorry to learn that you have been a victim of pyramid schemes. I am busy writing a blog post on pyramid schemes that I will put on next week in time of January financial pressures.


Secondly, I am glad that at this time of the year, you are thinking about investing.


Third, it important to understand the difference between investing and saving before “jumping on the investing wagon”
Saving is about putting money aside for future use by deferring consumption.  The main goal of saving is capital preservation. That is, one doesn’t want to lose the money they are saving.  Hence, saving is usually done in safe saving vehicles like savings accounts, money market accounts/portfolios, savings bonds or even access portion of mortgage loan.


Investing on the other hand has a main purpose of capital growth. That is, taking some risks to ensure that the money grows over time. The typical portfolios for investing money have high exposure to shares since over time; shares give the highest investment returns. Examples of these portfolios are equity or balanced; 1) unit trusts, 2) exchange traded funds or direct shares.

Fourth, as a certified financial planner, I firmly believe that after understanding the differences between saving and investing (see blog post on this on for more details), one must understand the financial planning pyramid. This pyramid’s base is cash flow management (budgeting, income, expenses, emergency funds, etc.) This is followed by the insurance layer (life, health, short term, funeral, etc.) After the insurance layer, there is savings and then investment layers.


So, lastly, what I am saying is that, whilst investing is exciting, without a strong base of cash flow management and insurance, the investing doesn’t have a strong foundation.

I have given you general advice since specific advice requires me to understand your circumstances in relation to the financial planning pyramid.

I trust this helps. You are welcome to ask further questions.


A book that touches on some of the concepts that I shared above is Maya on Money by City Press Money editor, Maya Fisher – French. I strongly recommend it. I think I have reviewed it so please check book reviews on I keep a few copies, so happy to give you one.

Feel free to make contact with us on Twitter @IamVuyoJoy or send an email to

~Save to invest & trade!~

ImaliYam Money Club

ImaliYam Money Club consists of 3 different clubs which are independent of each other. You can join only 1 Club, or 2 Clubs, or join all 3 Clubs.

ImaliYam Money Club- join us:
ImaliYam Money Club- join us:


ImaliYam Cash Loans is short term, we pool money together and offer pay day loans (you borrow the money and return it at the end of the same month, with interest).

ImaliYam Trading Club will operate for a period of 1 year; members of the club will contribute a once-off amount which will be used to fund a trading account. This will give us an opportunity to earn in dollars.

ImaliYam Investment Club will operate for 3 years, members of the club will contribute a once-off amount which will be used to buy shares and exchange traded funds. The contribution amount will increase over the 3 year period.

The above system is replicable, and you may form your own club with your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and your church group.


It is up to us to create solutions to our problems, and to overcome our challenges. Let’s make poverty history (please don’t sue me for borrowing this line).


~Save to invest and trade! ~